M-Rock Stone

M-Rock is the leader in the Manufactured Stone Industry with the most advanced stone/brick veneer/G-Series products in the world.

Charleston Ledge

P-Series Stone

MSI, Stone Panels System is our
best selling stone. A stone installation
system that uses screws instead
of mortar, saving you hundreds on
installation costs.

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Best Sellers

For over 15 years, M-Rock has been manufacturing quality stone veneer. And in that time, these have proven to be our best selling products.

Straight from the Appalachian mountains craggy cliffs and towering pillars to the layers of glistening golden colored stone underlying her breathtaking waterfalls.


Newest P-Series Colors

Our best selling MSI (Mortarless Stone Innovations) P-Series is now available in NEW colors! These new colors focus on the trending lighter greys, neutral whites, and creamy browns you see in the latest architecture and design magazines. Ask us about special coloring for your needs.

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