Atrium 8900 WINDOWS



Brighten every room in your home with precision crafted windows and doors from Atrium. We control each step of the manufacturing process to ensure that every product we sell is of the highest quality, right down to its smallest component. Our commitment to quality—and to exceptional customer service—allows us to create energy efficient, easy care windows that lower energy costs and lend lasting, classic beauty to any home.


If you’re looking for high-performance, energy efficient windows that are virtually maintenance-free, vinyl is the answer. It never needs painting or refinishing, and it creates tight seals that eliminate leaky drafts, reducing your energy costs all year long.

Easy Care

Both sashes on our Series 8900 double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance, and optional grids come between the panes so they never need cleaning.

Energy Efficiency

Our thermally fused frames and Low-E glass options offer optimal insulation against air, water and outside noise. Series 8900 windows offer top of the line energy efficiency, and will help pay for themselves by lowering your heating and cooling bills year-round.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Performance-tested Series 8900 windows feature exclusive InsulKor™ technology including standard fiberglass-enriched polyurethane sash reinforcement for exceptional strength, lasting durability and outstanding thermal performance. Choose the optional multi-cavity foam-filled frame for even greater energy efficiency.

Quality Guaranteed

Series 8900 windows are backed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty, and glass components feature a lifetime glass breakage warranty. Each Series 8900 window is individually registered to expedite parts identification and replacement. See warranty for complete details.


Series 8900, Atrium’s top-of-the-line replacement window family, includes double hung, picture window and horizontal sliding models that offer premium enhancements as standard features, along with an array of options for cosmetic, thermal and functional upgrades.

+ Exclusive InsulKor™ polyurethane fiberglass- enriched sash reinforcement for superior thermal and structural performance

+ ¾" constant force coil balance offers incredibly easy sash mobility

+ Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength and boost insulation

+ Low-E glass with insulating argon gas yields outstanding thermal efficiency

+ DP 60 rating (window size tested 36" x 74")

+ Beveled mainframe offers a stylish exterior appearance

+ Dual push-button night latches position sashes for optimal ventilation

+ Integrated slim-line lift rail allows you to easily operate sash

+ 4 ¼" frame thickness enhances appearance as well as structural integrity

+ External accessory groove accommodates nail fin option

+ Full screen is standard and removable from the inside*

+ Dual low profile, positive-action cam locks increase security (2 locks standard at 27 1⁄4" width or wider)

+ Full interlocking lock and meeting rail

+ Full vinyl sash dam on sill and high-performance weather stripping protect against air infiltration

+ 3.25" jamb depth for ideal window sizing

+ Transferable limited lifetime warranty

+ Lifetime glass breakage warranty

For advanced performance and cosmetic appeal, the 8900 offers a wealth of options

+ Low-E Glass

+ Ultra Low-E Glass + Argon Glass

+ Triple-pane, R-5 compliant glass panels with

Low-E Glass + Argon Gas or Ultra Low-E Glass + Argon Gas

+ InsulKor multi-cavity foam-filled frame

+ Nail fin accessory for use in remodeling or

new construction applications + Exclusive locking half screen*

+ Today’s eight most popular painted exterior colors (on white interiors)

+ Three interior wood finishes in cherry, light oak or dark oak grains

+ Additional lock colors to complement any interior color

+ Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) for fall prevention

+ Obscure or double-strength glass

External accessory groove

Nail fin accessory

Full interlocking lock and meeting rail


Choose from our wide selection of complementary styles and specialty shapes to enhance your home with truly distinctive window designs.

Series 8900 Sliding Windows Series 8900

sliding windows offer the same deluxe design and efficiency features as 8900 double hung windows, plus:

+ Integrated glide channel for easy sash opening and closing

+ Tandem rollers ride easily along friction-free glide channel

+ Available in ¼ - ½ - ¼ or 1⁄3 - 1⁄3 - 1⁄3 configurations

+ XX 2-lite configuration (both sashes operate)

+ DP 50 (window size tested 72" x 48")

A Wide Range of Grid Styles

Our between-the-panes and simulated divided lite (SDL) grid options enhance the cosmetic appeal of any home and make cleaning simple


InsulKor™ technology is a system of sash and frame enhancements that dramatically improves the performance of the Series 8900 double hung window.

Our exclusive InsulKor fiberglass-enriched polyurethane sash reinforcement replaces aluminum rebar traditionally placed in lock and meeting rails. With structural integrity equal to or better than metal alternatives, the InsulKor insert also reduces thermal conductivity and yields better energy efficiency.

The optional InsulKor multi-cavity foam-filled frame injections add thermal-enhancing insulation in specific hollows to increase the frame’s R-values. The combination of foam-filled and dead air chambers optimizes each window’s thermal properties for the most energy efficient window system available.

When combined with either of our R-5 rated, triple-pane glazing systems, these InsulKor sash and frame enhancements help make the Series 8900 one of the most energy efficient, strongest window systems available on the market today.


Atrium Series 8900 windows are engineered with state-of-the-art glass technology to give you outstanding thermal efficiency. It all starts with premium insulated glass: two sturdy panes separated by an optimal air space.

Between the glass panes is a special insulated spacer designed to flex with the glass in hot or cold temperatures in order to resist sealant failure. The insulated spacer also helps keep the edges of the glass warmer, dramatically reducing condensation while keeping cold air out and warm air in.


+ PVC vinyl makes for windows that never warp or need painting or refinishing, and creates tight seals that dramatically reduce drafts and energy costs.

+ During the past 20 years, PVC products have been found to perform favorably in terms of energy efficiency, thermal-insulating value, low contribution to greenhouse gases and product durability.

+ PVC is better for the environment than competing products, reducing CO2 emissions and utilizing 20 percent less energy to produce than other plastics