Atrium 8700 Windows



Brighten every room in your home with precisioncrafted windows and doors from Atrium. We control each step of the manufacturing process to ensure that every product we sell is of the highest quality, right down to its smallest component. Our commitment to quality—and to exceptional customer service—allows us to create energy efficient, easy care windows that lower energy costs and lend lasting, classic beauty to any home.


If you’re looking for high-performance, energy efficient windows that are virtually maintenance-free, vinyl is the answer. It never needs painting or refinishing, and it creates tight seals that eliminate leaky drafts, reducing your energy costs all year long.

Easy Care

Both sashes on our Series 8700 double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance, and optional grids come between the panes so they never need cleaning.

Energy Efficiency

Our thermally fused frames and Low-E glass options offer optimal insulation against air, water and outside noise. Series 8700 windows will help pay for themselves by lowering your heating and cooling bills year-round.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Performance-tested Series 8700 windows feature a rigid vinyl construction with fusion-welded sashes and frames, for strength and lasting durability.

Quality Guaranteed

Series 8700 windows are backed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty. The glass components feature a 25-year glass breakage warranty with an optional lifetime glass breakage warranty. Each Series 8700 window is individually registered to expedite parts identification and replacement. See warranty for complete details.


The Atrium Series 8700 double hung family is the ideal choice for customers who want exceptional performance features and a full range of deluxe enhancement options

+ Aluminum-reinforced, multi-cavity construction enhances thermal protection and structural integrity

+ Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength and additional insulation

+ Low-E glass and insulating argon gas provide superior thermal efficiency

+ DP 35 rating (DP 50 optional, window size tested 36" x 74")

+ Constant force coil balance permits easy sash movement

+ Push-button night latches provide easy, secure ventilation

+ Rounded sashes create a more elegant finish to complement the interior of your home

+ Dual-fin weather stripping helps reduce air infiltration

+ Integrated slim-line lift rail allows you to easily operate sash

+ Beveled mainframe offers a stylish exterior appearance

+ Positive-action deluxe cam lock provides optimal security (2 locks standard at 27 1⁄4" or wider)

+ Interlocking sashes help block out drafts

+ Half screen is standard and removable from inside*

+ Sloped sill helps reduce air infiltration and allows for easy water run-off

+ Rubber bulb seal helps block air infiltration

+ Jamb depth: 3.25"

+ Transferable limited lifetime warranty

+ 25-year glass breakage warranty

CUSTOM Options

+ Low-E Glass

+ Ultra Low-E Glass + Argon Gas (May be required for Energy Star rating.)

+ Obscure glass

+ Double strength glass

+ Optional 5⁄8" or ¾" flat, 5⁄8" or 1" contoured, 5⁄8" contoured valance grids, as well as colonial and diamond patterns

+ Aluminum charcoal mesh screen*

+ Lifetime glass breakage warranty

Series 8700 Sliding Windows

Series 8700 sliding windows offer the same deluxe design and efficiency features as our Series 8700 double hung windows, plus:

+ Tandem rollers ride easily along friction free glide channel

+ Integrated glide rail for easy sash opening and closing

+ Available in ¼ - ½ - ¼ or 1⁄3 - 1⁄3 - 1⁄3 configurations

+ XX 2-lite configuration (both sashes operate)

+ Full screen comes standard*


Atrium Series 8700 windows are engineered with state-of-the-art glass technology to give you outstanding thermal efficiency. It all starts with premium insulated glass: two sturdy panes separated by an optimal air space to create a wide thermal barrier.

Between the glass panes is a special insulated spacer designed to flex with the glass in hot or cold temperatures in order to resist sealant failure. The insulated spacer also helps keep the edges of the glass warmer, dramatically reducing condensation while keeping cold air out and warm air in.