Atrium 8050 Windows



Atrium Series 8050 economical single hung window line.

+ Multi-cavity vinyl lineals improve thermal performance and enhance sound absorbency

+ Insulating glass provides energy saving thermal efficiency

+ Fusion welded frame and sash minimizes air and water infiltration and enhances overall durability

+ Sweep lock helps provide a weather-tight seal and added security

+ Removable operable sash includes full-length interlock and bottom weather reflector

+ Dual screw boss, metal reinforced meeting rail provides added strength

+ Custom sized to the nearest 1/8"

+ Dual weather-stripping helps block air and water infiltration, keeping harsh elements outside and energy saving comfort inside

+ Dual lift rails for convenient sash operation

+ Versatile half-screen* installed from the inside or outside

+ Sloped sill reduces air infiltration and accommodates easy water run-off

+ Built-in accessory channels accommodate multiple installation options

+ Transferable, limited lifetime warranty

+ Modular sized so that rough opening widths for multiple units are easy to calculate:
3050 Single=35.5"
3050 Twin=71.5"
3050 Triple=107.5"

+ DP Rating R50 (window size tested 36" x 96")

+ Jamb depth: 2.625"

CUSTOM Options

+ Low-E Glass

+ Low-E Glass + Argon Gas

+ Ultra Low-E Glass + Argon Gas

+ Factory mulling of twins and triples and architectural shapes

+ Optional 5⁄8" or 1" contoured grid, 5⁄8" or 3⁄4" flat grid

+ Custom sizes available

+ Lifetime glass breakage warranty

+ Custom sizes available

+ Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) for fall prevention


Economical Series 8050 sliding windows offer the same outstanding features of Series 8050 single hung windows, plus:

+ Multi-cavity vinyl lineals

+ Sweep lock helps provide a weather-tight seal

+ Available in ¼ - ½ - ¼ or 1⁄3 - 1⁄3 - 1⁄3 configurations

+ XO or OX 2-lite styles available

+ Half screen comes standard*

+ 2.625" jamb